Objavljeno: 25.5.2018


New in oustore: BLIZ sport and lifestyle glasses. Sports glasses
Bliz offers a wide range of functional sportsglasses for all ages and types of faces, whether you are a jogger or compete at the elite level. High technical quality and timeless Scandinavian design ensures that you get the best possible flexibility and comfort during exercise. With Bliz you can stay focused on your performance.
Bliz Polarized Sunglasses takes eyewear to a whole new dimension. Appearance is no longer just about how you look. What and how you perceive things around you has changed. Bliz Polarized Sunglasses is developed and designed to block annoying and harmful sunlight reflected from water, snow and other shiny surfaces. Ideal when you are on the ocean, driving or doing sports.
Bliz Polarized Sunwear - Makes it all look good!
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